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Summer in Olympic National Park: A Nature, Astro,  & Timelapse Photography Workshop

Dates: July (18th-24th), 2020

Price: $1599*

Max occupancy: 8

There are few places on earth that rival the natural majesty of Olympic National Park. Residing on a large peninsula in NW Washington state, there are a culmination of elements that come together to create a photographer and nature lover’s dream to explore—from the rugged rocky mountains, to the amazing Pacific coast lined with sea stacks, old growth forests, and amazing tide pools teaming with oceanic life, all the way to the home of the only actual rain forests of the continental U.S.

One of the best things I love about ONP is its vastness and diversity in both size and climate regions. Its unique location gives rise to incredible weather, which often creates amazing conditions for photography. Places like the Hoh rain forest can receive 140 inches/year, but on the NE side of the Olympic Mountains it can be less than 18 inches/yr! This area yields incredible vistas of the weather coming in from the ocean and running into the mountains, creating the most epic timelapse scenes ever!

With ONP being so large and having so many different climates and regions to explore, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed on where to start and how much to try to see during one trip. But because of how crazy the weather is and how often and quickly it can change, we will be focused on only 2 specific areas for this workshop. The first is Deer Park. This is a very remote campground near the summit of Blue Mtn, about 20 miles south of Port Angeles, WA. Don’t let the distance fool you though; half of those 20 miles is straight into the Olympic Mountains and up a sometimes very rough and sketchy dirt road, which usually takes about 1-1.5 hours to drive. The reputation of this area has the tendency to keep most mild-mannered people out, which is very nice for our workshop! The second area we will be focusing on will be all the way on the western coast of the peninsula, in an area around La Push, WA. This will be the last night/day of the workshop, and here we will explore and photograph the incredible coast line, and hopefully the night sky (which will be heavily weather dependent).

Things we'll work on:

We will work on all aspects of photography based on your skill level, which we will go over with you and evaluate during the first day meetup. You'll receive one-on-one instruction and guidance for everything from technical settings in your own camera to more artistic principles like light and composition, photography rules, etc. In addition to making sure you have an awesome adventure filled with epic memories that will last a lifetime, we will ensure that you learn how to to capture it to the best of your ability, and give you the skills and confidence to create stunning visuals wherever you go!

We'll also be focusing on specific things like wildlife habits, and the techniques to photograph the birds and animals, as well as all things timelapses, from how to analyze a scene for motion, setting up the camera settings and intervals, and of course the editing afterward. Astrophotography we will also be a big focus. We will go over basic principles of astronomy, gear needed, and technical settings for getting great astro images. On the last day, where we head to beach, we will focus on long exposure photography, using filters, seascape lighting and composition, etc.


The cost of this workshop includes your guiding fees only (All prices in US Dollars).Payment of $399 is a non-refundable initial payment toward the total of $1599. The payment is to reserve your spot in the workshop.The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop. If you need to cancel your attendance to the workshop, we may advertise the opening to others. If someone else signs up to fill your spot, we may refund you your deposit, but only if the spot sells to another participant.

What’s Included

• All photography related guiding and instruction both in the field and at least 2 post processing sessions

• We will drive you up to the Deer Park campground and surrounding summit/mountainous areas. We will be equipped with high clearance 4 x 4 vehicles to properly handle the conditions for this part of the workshop (If you have your own vehicle and feel capable, you are more than welcome to drive yourself up there, and car camp or whatever you like, just make sure you talk to me first so I can help determine if you have the right kind of vehicle and skills for it).

• Breakfast and dinner for the camping portion of the trip, which will be 3.5 days. So that will include night 1 dinner, and days 2-4 breakfast and dinner. All other meals and food you may want will be up to you.

• Drinks and snacks while camping (we will have water and some basic snacks tbd for group sharing), but you should definitely bring your own stuff if you have specific needs or preferences.

• Access to a closed FB group for the workshop. This will give you much more access to me personally, Brittany (my wife and photo partner in crime) and anyone else who may moderate and help out with the group. It will allow you to be able to ask me, and the group, questions about photography, editing, gear, etc., as well as to share your own images and just have general discussions on visual creation. I love to stay in touch with, and continue to get to know my workshop participants and I think this is a great way to do that, as well as to foster a passionate photo micro-community.

• All NP and camping fees

• Camping gear. We will provide tent, sleeping bag, and pad for you if you don’t have or don’t want to bring your own (but certainly feel free to bring your own stuff if you want/can, just let me know so I don't have to rent extra gear if I don't have to).

What’s NOT Included

• Transportation to/from Port Angeles, WA. You will be responsible for getting yourself to this town whichever way is best for you. The nearest, and largest international airports are Seattle (2.5-3 hours drive) and Portland, OR (4 hour drive), with a smaller regional airport in Olympia.

• Lodging before/after the workshop

• Lodging for the last night of the workshop. For the last night, we will be staying around the La Push area, but this is highly weather dependent, so I do not recommend booking any accommodations until a few days before the workshop, or even until we roll out to that area on the last day, so we can get a better idea of the weather and where we will want to base for that night. As soon as I book a place, I will let you know, and you can decide what would be best for you. There will be a few hotels/inns (but not many), and a few airbnb places in the area, as well as potentially some camping areas if you’re interested in that.

**Note: This will be a camping workshop, there are no towns or any lodging anywhere near where we will be, so make sure you have all of the appropriate and necessary camping gear, unless you want to bring a van/camper/trailer of some sort (please notify me if this is the case, so I can tell you whether you will be able to get it to where we are camping or not). This will be car camping though, no hardcore backpacking on this one, so you can sleep in your vehicle too. Each participant is responsible for his/her own physical condition.


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Workshop October 3rd - 11th, 2020

Set in Albuquerque, NM for the International Balloon Fiesta, the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED event in the world!!! 

Price - $1399*   

Max occupancy: 8

This workshop will focus not just on capturing amazing images of the balloon fiesta, but will also work on improving your photography from every aspect.  Just because this is the most photographed event in the world, does not mean it is easy to come away with great images!  There are a number of challenges here including crowds, light, windy conditions, and most importantly, composition!  All of these unpredictable elements come together to really challenge any photographer, and we will work together to show you the best methods and techniques for dealing with these tricky  issues.  We will also go over timelapses and night photography as well.

During the workshop, we will not just be going to the actual Balloon Fiesta grounds every day to shoot.  The best thing about the Fiesta is actually Albuquerque, and the surrounding areas from which to view the balloons taking off and flying.  We will spend multiple days at various locations around town that each offer unique views of the balloons.  We will visit the volcanoes of the west side, which offer incredible views looking east over the Rio Grande, the city, and the Sandia mountains, with the balloons overhead.  Will will also spend a day from the east side along Tramway blvd.  This area offers fantastic sunset views, vistas of the city and the volcanoes to west. Each presents unique lighting and compositions.  We will also be spending at least two days inside the fiesta grounds to work on capturing the balloon setups and flights from up close.  And lastly, we will spend a night in the grounds shooting the balloon glow and the fireworks ceremony, and learning all about night photography!

The other main aspect of this workshop actually has little to do with photography, and that is cultural immersion.  Albuquerque, and New Mexico overall has an amazing, vibrant, historic and very unique culture, and the Balloon Fiesta showcases it all.  You will come away from this experience not only with great images, but also with memories you'll never forget! As native New Mexicans and having lived in Abq for many years, Brittany and I will make it our personal objectives to make sure you see the very best Abq and New Mexico have to offer!  Also. . . there is no better place on this earth for amazing food!!!  

Note bene*  This workshop is extremely weather dependent!  And by that I mean wind dependent, as the balloons won't go up if it gets too windy, which can happen this time of year.  In the past there have sometimes been up to 2-3 days of the fiesta being cancelled due to high winds.  Because of this our schedule and locations will be entirely based on wind and weather for each day. We will have 4 planned days of shooting, with 2 days as contingency days.   

During the days we will shoot inside the fiesta, we will mostly likely utilize the Park & Ride services into the fiesta grounds to avoid extreme traffic, unless you wish to drive yourself (which is perfectly fine).

We are also working on securing an indoor conference room type location for some editing and post production workflow class time.  As soon as this is finalized, the information will be updated.  

*All Fiesta admission fees for the days we will be inside the fiesta will be included in your workshop tuition.         

*Things not included in the price:  Travel to and from Albuquerque, Lodging, Food.

Each participant is responsible for his/her own physical condition.

Each participant must READ and submit the Workshop Liability Release at the time of registration.

How To Register?

email me at with the workshop you want to attend.

You will then get a response email with additional instructions and payment information. You may choose to pay in full or make payments, with the final payment due 30 days before the start of the workshop. 

A non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required within 24 hrs of receiving the registration confirmation email. This will secure your spot for the workshop.

Read the Workshop Liability Release! 

This is A MUST, you will not be able to attend the workshop without having read this form.

**Also, if you are a veteran, please let me know so you can get your 20% discount!  From one veteran to another, I would like to thank you for your service and share my knowledge and experience with you!

For any additional questions please email or call me any time.  



phone: 575-749-1781

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