White Sands Spring & Summer 2023 Private Workshops

Join me in exploring one of the most unique and breathtaking places on earth. 

Sand dunes in general are always fun to photograph, but there a few things that really elevate White Sands to be an almost guaranteed incredible experience any and every time you visit. 

White Sands has an ability to shift and transform it's color palate based on the light, so the dunes can look white, blue, gold, with hard contrast and shapes, or soft and painterly with ethereal vibes and all of its forms and colors are equally stunning. 

For this workshop we will be focusing a lot on building a strong knowledge of composition through understanding our surroundings, light, and focal lengths to get the most out of the landscape. We will work on things like which lenses to use and why. When to to grab a wide angle vs a telephoto. How to understand principles of art and composition such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, negative space, anchoring subjects, and how light affects all of those things in a scene. 


Jan-May 1st

These will be 3 day workshops on a first-come-first-serve basis, so email me with your requested dates from now through May 1st to see available openings and book your dates. 



What's Included 

All on-location photography instruction and guiding 

At least one post processing session

What's not Included

Travel to/from White Sands 



For this workshop, your choice of lodging is up to you. I can come pick you up wherever you stay, or you can meet me at a designated meet-up spot each day. 

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