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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Workshop October 6th - 12th, 2018

Set in Albuquerque, NM for the International Balloon Fiesta, the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED event in the world!!! 

Price - $999*   Early Registration, before July 1st, $899!

Max occupancy: 7

This workshop will focus not just on capturing amazing images of the balloon fiesta, but will also work on improving your photography from every aspect.  Just because this is the most photographed event in the world, does not mean it is easy to come away with great images!  There are a number of challenges here including crowds, light, windy conditions, and most importantly, composition!  All of these unpredictable elements come together to really challenge any photographer, and we will work together to show you the best methods and techniques for dealing with these tricky  issues.  We will also go over timelapses and night photography as well.

The other main aspect of this workshop actually has little to do with photography, and that is cultural immersion.  Albuquerque, and New Mexico overall has an amazing, vibrant, historic and very unique culture, and the Balloon Fiesta showcases it all.  You will come away from this experience not only with great images, but also with memories you'll never forget! As native New Mexicans and having lived in Abq for many years, Brittany and will make it our personal objectives to make sure you see the very best Abq and New Mexico have to offer!  Also. . . there is no better place on this earth for amazing food!!!  

During the workshop, we will not just be going to the actual Balloon Fiesta grounds every day to shoot.  The best thing about the Fiesta is actually Albuquerque, and the surrounding areas from which to view the balloons taking off and flying.  We will spend multiple days at various locations around town that each offer unique views of the balloons.  We will visit the volcanoes of the west side, which offer incredible views looking east over the Rio Grande, the city, and the Sandia mountains, with the balloons overhead.  Will will also spend a day from the east side along Tramway blvd.  This area offers fantastic sunset views, vistas of the city and the volcanoes to west. Each presents unique lighting and compositions.  we will also be spending at least two days inside the fiesta grounds to work on capturing the balloon setups and flights from up close.  And lastly, we will spend a night in the grounds shooting the balloon glow and the fireworks ceremony, and learning all about night photography!

Note bene*  This workshop is extremely weather dependent!  And by that I mean wind dependent, as the balloons won't go up if it gets too windy, which can happen this time of year.  In the past there have sometimes been up to 2-3 days of the fiesta being cancelled due to high winds.  Because of this our schedule and locations will be entirely based on wind and weather for each day. We will have 4 planned days of shooting, with 2 days as contingency days.   

During the days we will shoot inside the fiesta, we will mostly likely utilize the Park & Ride services into the fiesta grounds to avoid extreme traffic, unless you wish to drive yourself (which is perfectly fine).

We are also working on securing an indoor conference room type location for some editing and post production workflow class time.  As soon as this is finalized, the information will be updated.  

*All Fiesta admission fees for the days we will be inside the fiesta will be included in your workshop tuition.         

*Things not included in the price:  Travel to and from Albuquerque, Lodging, Food.

Each participant is responsible for his/her own physical condition.

Each participant must READ and submit the Workshop Liability Release at the time of registration.

Summer in the San Juans: An Astro, Nature Photography & Timelapse Workshop

Dates: July (23rd-27th), 2018

Price: $899*

Max occupancy: 10

Set in the Uncompahgre National Forest in the heart of the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado. This workshop will focus on two main subjects: Astro and nature photography. At a base camp elevation of ~10,000 ft and with no light pollution in any direction for almost 100 miles, this is the perfect setting for amazing astro, nature photography and timelapses.

This area of the San Juans is a place very dear to me, as it is where my family cabin is and where I spent much of my life growing up and thoroughly exploring. It is also home to the mountains where I spent conducting the majority of my research during the last 11 years in college studying geology—so I am quite familiar with this area in many aspects. There is no place with more natural beauty, serenity, dark skies, wildlife, mind-blowing geology, and general awesomeness all in one, and I know because I have been pretty much everywhere. It will be my job to ensure that you come away from this workshop with not only a plethora of new photography skills and stunning images, but also with amazing memories and an experience of a lifetime which you will not soon forget.

**Note: This will be a camping workshop, there are no towns or any lodging anywhere near where we will be, so make sure you have all of the appropriate and necessary camping gear, unless you want to bring a van/camper/trailer of some sort (please notify me if this is the case, so I can tell you whether you will be able to get it to where we are camping or not). This will be car camping though, no hardcore backpacking on this one, so you can sleep in your vehicle too.  

*Things not included in the price:  Airfare, Travel to and from workshop locations, Lodging, Food (There will be community dinners, and possibly breakfasts provided, meal lists TBD).

Each participant is responsible for his/her own physical condition.

Each participant must read and submit the Workshop Liability Release at the time of registration.


How To Register?

Fill out the workshop registration form.

You will then get a registration confirmation email with additional instructions and payment information.

A non-refundable deposit will be required within 24 hrs of receiving the registration confirmation email.

Fill out the Workshop Liability Release Online Form

This is A MUST, you will not be able to attend the workshop without having read and signed this form.

**Also, if you are a veteran, please let me know so you can get your 20% discount!  From one veteran to another, I would like to thank you for your service and share my knowledge and experience with you!

For any additional questions please email or call me any time.  



phone: 575-749-1781

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